Gateway’s Edge Transaction Account offers you the flexibility of simple, everyday banking that’s also kind on both your pocket & the planet.


An everyday account that does it all

Earn a bonus interest rate* when you simply deposit at least $2,000 each calendar month (from an external source), even if you withdraw the money.

With unlimited deposits and withdrawals, you can also access your funds on the go with a Visa Eco Debit Card1 - Australia's first plant-based debit card from a bank. Access your funds 24/7 via Online Banking and our Gateway App, with the ability to credit your salary into the account, pay bills using BPAY®, or schedule direct debits.

As a fee-free bank account, you can also feel safe in the knowledge that the funds in your Edge Transaction Account will not finance industries and/or activities that cause significant, detrimental impacts to the environment, as stipulated in Gateway's Ethical Banking & Investment Policies.

Overdraft Availability^
If you would like the added option of an overdraft to your Edge Account, simply submit an Edge Overdraft application. An Edge Overdraft allows you access to extra funds up to $20,000 (subject to credit approval), giving you the flexibility of an everyday banking account with a financial safety net when you need it, without being charged overdrawn penalties.

Earn up to 5.05 % p.a. Interest rate
If eligibility requirements are met*


*How Gateway's Edge Transaction Account bonus and promotional interest rate works:

The bonus interest is earned on top of the standard interest rate.

The promotional interest rate is available to existing Edge Transaction Account holders, new to bank members, and existing Gateway members with no call deposit relationship. It is a fixed interest applied to the account only when the bonus interest eligibility conditions are met. Promotional interest rate is available until 30 June 2024 and is subject to change. For more information, see Edge Transaction Account Promotional Rates T&Cs.

The bonus and promotional interest are only applied to balances up to $100,000. For any portion of the balance over $100,000, the interest rate reverts to the standard interest rate for that portion only.

Standard variable interest rate

0.10% p.a.  

You will get this rate for balances $1,000 and above. For balances up to $999, the standard variable interest rate is 0.01% p.a.
Bonus interest rate

1.50% p.a.  

Earn bonus rate by depositing at least $2,000 (from an external source) each calendar month (on balances up to $100,000).
Promotional interest rate

3.45% p.a.  

Fixed promo until 30 June 2024 if eligibility requirements are met (on balances up to $100,000).
Total interest rate

5.05% p.a.  

Total rate earned on an Edge Transaction Account if eligibility requirements are met (on balances up to $100,000).

Product Features:

Savings & Bank Accounts
Minimum Rate : 0.01% pa
Maximum Rate : 5.05% pa
Monthly Fee : $0
Annual Fee : $0
Minimum Amount : $0
Cheque Book : No
Funds Available : At Call
ATM/EFTPOS Access : Yes
Online & Phone Banking : Yes
Direct Entry (Credit/Debit) : Yes
Interest Income : Interest is calculated on daily balances and credited monthly
Debit Card : Yes
Branch Access : Yes
BPAY® : Yes
Overdraft : Yes
Periodic Payments : Yes

Can I manage my Edge Transaction Account online?

Yes, you can manage your Edge Transaction Account conveniently via Online Banking or through the Gateway App2. This lets you access your account 24/7, check your balances, transfer funds, pay bills using BPAY, schedule direct debits and more. You can also credit your salary directly into your account for added convenience.


Am I eligible for an Edge Transaction Account?

To be eligible for the Edge Transaction Account, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be an Australian resident
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a valid identification document (e.g., driver's license, passport)


Are there any fees associated with the Edge Transaction Account?

No, you can enjoy the benefits of Gateway Bank's Edge Transaction Account without any monthly account fees or card fees.


Is an overdraft facility available with the Edge Transaction Account?

Yes, the Edge Transaction Account includes the option to add an overdraft facility to your Edge Transaction Account. If you need extra funds, you can apply for an Edge Overdraft, which allows you access to up to $20,000 (subject to credit approval)^.


How can I open an Edge Transaction Account?

Opening an Edge Transaction Account with Gateway Bank is easy. You can open an account by following these simple steps:

  1. Click on the "Open an account" button at the top of this page.
  2. Fill out the online application form with the required personal and financial information.
  3. Submit the application.

Once your application is approved, you will receive your account details and can start using the Edge Transaction Account.

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^Applications for finance are subject our standard credit assessment criteria. Full terms and conditions are included in the loan offer. Fees and charges apply.

1 Gateway Members have access to a wide network of ATMs Australia wide, fee-free. ATM operator will advise if a fee is charged.

2 A daily transaction limit of $5000 applies for transactions on Online Banking / Gateway App. Must be registered for Secure SMS in order to transfer funds externally. Refer to the Gateway App page for more information.