100% Loan Offset Account

Gateway’s 100% Loan Offset Account is a great way to reduce the interest on your variable home loan, whilst still giving you the flexibility of 24/7 access to your funds when you need them.

Working as a transaction account linked to your home loan, the Gateway 100% Loan Offset Account still allows you to make deposits or withdraw from it as you would with a regular transaction account, however giving you the added benefit of making you money work harder for you and saving you money on your home loan.

Our 100% Loan Offset Account helps you minimise interest costs on your variable home loan and can potentially shorten the term on your loan.


  • No monthly fees
  • No minimum balance
  • Link a Gateway Visa Debit Card to access your money fee-free at a wide network of ATMs in Australia and shop securely online
  • 24/7 access and BPAY® facilities via Online Banking and Telephone Banking

Product Features:

Savings & Bank Accounts
Monthly Fee : $0
Annual Fee : $0
Minimum Amount : $0
Funds Available : At call
Online & Phone Banking : Yes
Debit Card : Yes
Branch Access : Yes
BPAY® : Yes
Periodic Payments : Yes

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